Pineta di Clusone

The pine forest of Clusone

The pine forest of Clusone becomes part of “Natural Beauties of Italy” in 1922 and is an important territory from the touristic and geological point of view.

It offers different paths for those who want to enjoy a relaxing and easy walk in the nature. During the summer the freshness of the pine forest must be tried.

Here you can find over 22 kilometers of pedestrian paths, the roller ski circuit and the cycle path of Seriana Valley. The paths cross a mixed forest of scots pine, spruce and broad-leaved trees. This is an environment of high landscape and forest value.


Curiosity: The pine forest of Clusone is a place to explore only with the bravest children. Here are hidden erratic boulders, an adventure park and a bar where to get ice cream!


Via Carnovali, Clusone, BG